A Game To Reckon With


Card fight Vanguard is a lovely game to play. One thinks about how to play cardfight vanguard.

In this awesome game Cardfight Vanguard, one can play as a Vanguard. This is the avatar that you may utilize to get victorious. When you level up the vanguard, it will be stronger. One can make deep deck from your card collection and utilize this army to have direct combat with the opponents.

The character exhibits on the personal cards are the units. The unites have got various features and provide your games play at various strengths and enable you to have a wide variety of power levels, shield value or skills.

Vanguard will fast make you learn how to utilize varied features to your benefit. One can use the judgment and develop complete power of your unit so that they can get to the complete potential and help you put more harm to your competitor than what you can take up.

This can make the cardfightvanguard.com.au  highly challenging and exciting. One can be the victor when you have 6 levels of damage to your opponent. In case you outwit your competitor and they use up all the units to beat you, then there is a game on hand. There are some aspects that you must be aware about Cardfight Vanguard.

It is the play mat where the card fight actually occurs. When you happen to get attacked, this is the place where may call the guardians to defend yourself. The shield gets added to the units which are under attack. Then there the Vanguard circle. The card placed is your avatar in this junction. One can ride a strong unit so as to fight your opponent.

Then comes the real guard circle and this is the place where the units fight with your vanguard. One needs to align the units in a great formation by moving the positions.

Now it is the time of the G zone. One can place G deck of at least 0 to 8 G units here, after they have been used up and place them face up on the left hand side.

Now comes the damage zone. The cards which are placed here show the amount of damage that you get. When you have 6 cards here, you can lose the cardfight.

In the drop zone, the guardians who have taken retirement during the battle and the cards which you discard go here. In the Trigger zone, cards will exhibit a drive or damage check is here.

In the Bind zone, cards which have been bound are placed out of the play mat. In the Soul, the pile of cards which is under your vanguard is at the time of the cardfight.

In the deck one has to place all deck face down. There is the grade and this number exhibits the power of level of the cards. This number is the strength of the card in the battle. In case the power is higher or equal to the opposing unit, the attack will get hit.