Bride and groom-to-be suffer incredible run of bad luck


It’s an exciting time when couples get engaged, buying the engagement ring and living in a bubble of joyful bliss. However, as soon as you start planning your wedding, everything changes and the stress kicks in.


According to a survey of some 500 couples, 96% admitted that it had not been a happy time, with disagreements about the budget and the pressure to get everything totally perfect.


One couple from County Durham certainly had an incredible run of bad luck whilst planning their wedding, which thankfully has now taken place. Their wedding plans started two years ago, with everything running smoothly until about a month prior to the big day. The bride was to have her hen-do in a villa in Portugal, which had cost £1400. Shortly before travelling to Portugal, they discovered they had been conned and the villa did not exist. The hen party members all lost their money, but had pre-booked flights, so another villa was booked costing a further £1100. Meanwhile, the stag party was being held successfully in Spain, until there was a French air strike which cancelled their return flights. They were eventually flown home, but landed in Newcastle instead of Leeds, therefore incurring extra taxi fares. The groom then found out that the clothing store supplying all the suits had gone into administration, which meant he lost his deposit of £822. The final strike of bad luck came when Hurricane Irma devastated islands in the Caribbean, where they had a cruise booked for their once-in-a-lifetime dream honeymoon. They had to re-plan their honeymoon at the last minute, and opted for a tour of the Western Caribbean instead.

Stag party

While lots of men like to travel abroad for their stag-do, there are lots of weekend activities available closer to home, for example a tank driving day (, which will provide an exhilarating, memorable and fun day.


Whatever you plan for your big day, there will always be a certain amount of stress wondering if everything is going to go perfectly. So, if you are in the early stages of your wedding plans, watch out for the signs of stress, and don’t ruin the most important day of your life being bogged down in a fog of worry and anguish. Relax and enjoy it.