Discover the New Way to Find the Leaders for Your Organization


Leaders are one of most valuable assets for any organization.They are the people on task.They drive success for their organization.They influence the workforce and inspire them to give their best for organizational good.They are the people who control and coordinate with the diversified workforce, motivate them and help them to achieve both personal as well as organizational goals.They gave a clear vision of organization’s strategies.They ensure that each and every employee knows what they are supposed to do.They are the heroes who drive productivity and organizational effectiveness, helping it to earn the profit in business.

Considering the importance of the leader in any organization, it is necessary for any recruiter to look for the leadership qualities of the candidates they are inviting for any job vacancies. Though it looks simple but recognizing the true leadership qualities can be a difficult task and time consuming as well.But recruiters can conduct leadership qualities assessment online for the candidates.

Leaders can be the difference between the failure and success of any organization.This online assessment can help you to identify the leadership qualities and strengths candidates have using four functions of leading people, result-driven, lead for the change and coalition building.This test also designed to check other 19 necessary competencies.The test gives the result about the leadership traits required for any particular role in the organization.

Below are the advantages of this leadership test:

  • This test is designed in such a way that, candidates can’t fake the responses or they can’t take it in socially desirable manner.The semi-differential format of the test force individual to think consciously about the choice they make out of few almost equal choices or statements.The initial guidelines will be provided and candidates who attempt to fake the response will be disqualified and their responses will not be considered.The tool has been designed to identify such pattern of fake responses or socially desirable responses.
  • As a recruiter for one organization, your needs may differ from those of rest of the organizations.The advantage here with this test is that it can be customized as per your requirements and behavioral pattern in the test can be modified to suit your needs.Also, you can conduct this leadership qualities assessment online; it saves your valuable time and money both.
  • This test can be used to find out the appropriate behavioral levels required for particular job vacancies. The appropriate norms are determined scientifically for each job profile in an organization. Different validation exercises are conducted to incorporate the norms unique to each organization.
  • This test is offered in different languages as well. This specifically helps in finding the local leadership talents in the area of sales profile and also for finding out the best leader for handing teams working for different geographical clients.

The ranking or threshold values for any post are calculated considering the overall scores of the all members appeared under one particular norm.This particular test evaluates the candidate based on the personality traits, critical thinking ability, and abstract reasoning. After going through this extensive screening, you, as a recruiter, are certainly going to get the best leaders for your organization without wasting any extra time and money making your life much easy.