Eight flooring options to beautify your space


Getting the flooring in your home right provides a beautiful canvas for your interiors. There are a wide range of options available, but here are eight of the best.

Classic tile

Elegant and hardwearing, tile is low-maintenance, moisture-resistant and ideal when used with underfloor heating, making it the perfect choice for bathrooms and kitchens. Tile can also be a smart choice in a living area, especially the new wood-effect tiles that have the beauty of hardwood flooring and the practicality of tile.

Hardwearing laminate

There are some extremely realistic laminates that mimic wood or tile at a fraction of the cost. It’s hard-wearing and resistant to stains and moisture and can even be taken up and reused elsewhere.

Beautiful wood

Wood is the obvious choice for flooring because it is a great insulator, gorgeous to look at, and will last hundreds of years. Engineered flooring is a cost-effective alternative to solid wood if you’re installing new floors. Oak engineered flooring from a trusted supplier like www.woodfloorwarehouse.co.uk/engineered-flooring/ can bring a real “wow” factor to any room.

Luxury vinyl

Even though you do not often think of vinyl as being a luxurious flooring choice, luxury vinyl tile can look exactly like wood or tile, and the top brands are often used in high-end residences. Perfect for the kitchen, bathroom or hallway, this is a long-lasting flooring choice and is perfect over underfloor heating.

Turn to linoleum

An extremely eco-friendly choice, linoleum is having a comeback in green homes. Because it doesn’t trap dirt or bacteria, it’s also the ideal choice for allergy sufferers and is an all-natural flooring that feels warm and comfortable underfoot.

Get on-trend with concrete

Concrete floors are turning up all over the place and are a really stylish choice for modern interiors, whether you go for a textured or polished finish. They’re also highly durable and resistant.

Carpet for comfort

If you love to feel cosy and comfortable, carpet is the obvious choice for your home. You can keep it neutral or go wild with colour. Go wall-to-wall with a good stain-treated carpet, or opt for thick pile floor rugs.

Cork is contemporary

Cork is renewable and recyclable, and it’s an excellent insulator that can be finished in thousands of different ways, making it a very contemporary choice.