Exciting Things to Do in Your Trip to Dandeli


Dandeli is a small and beautiful river side located town in the North Western part of Karnataka which is quite popular among the tourists from Bangalore, Mumbai and Pune. Many people visit this town every year to experience the water adventure on the Kali River and even more to see the serine and exotic wildlife. The literal meaning of this word Dandeli is by the river itself. Dandeli tour package has it all to fulfill your adventure desire. There you could also experience jungle safari. The place has been located historically through this only.

Things to do in your trip to Dandeli:

  1. Kali River Kayaking- If you are someone who loves white water then you are definitely someone who would love adventure and kayaking. This river kayaking is offered throughout the year. If you are a professional person then there cannot be anything crazier than this. But before trying this you need to try this in small rapids. It is one of the top most pick of this town. Before doing this you should secure your stay through Dandeli resorts booking.
  2. Rafting in the Kali River- River rafting in Kali River is one of the most exciting team activities that you could experience here in Dandeli. It is the perfect gateway from a group of people. Here you could get the option of rafting for the full day or half day, before you book the tickets for this you need confirm the same. There is a dam over this river which operates in the morning so as to generate electricity. This River is one of the best in India to do adrenaline rafting. Go for Dandeli resort package before you book tickets for the same.
  3. Witness a Black Panther over there- In Dandeli you could easily witness the Black Panther which is one of the endangered and extinct species these days. This would be one of the unique experiences for you. Dandeli is one such place in India where you could witness all kind of wild animals and birds. Some other animals you could spot here are Leopard, Lion and Tiger.
  4. Visit some tribes of Dandeli- You will get a chance to experience some different tribes of Dandeli with different languages, culture and custom. Their life style may be exciting for you. Through this you will get to know about the new culture. The most famous tribe over here is Siddi tribe. One more tribe which you can witness here is the Gowli tribe. By spending time with them you will get a chance to learn something new and interesting. Things one can Explore with Dandeli Tour Package would be worth remembering for you.
  5. Bird watching at Ganeshgudi- Bird watching is another most interesting thing to do in Dandeli. Here you could get a change to witness lots of colorful birds. You can sit here with a big bazooka lenses and camera and you could experience the best bird watching experience. Hornbills are one of the largest birds over there.

Book a Dandeli resort package and get the best feeling in terms of traveling and tour. No one can beat the feeling which you get through this trip.