Five Reasons that Make Jet Airways one of the Best Airlines in India


While it is important to get the best deal on your flight bookings, it is equally important to ensure that you get to enjoy a comfortable and convenient flying experience. A combination of all of this, and much more, is offered by Jet Airways. If you are searching for the best flying companion, we’ve got five reasons that confirm Jet Airways as one of the best in the industry.

With an increasing number of air carriers in India, it is now very confusing for the travellers to select the best. Moreover, the large number of online travel portals claiming to offer the cheapest deals further add up to the confusion. Getting the right deal is important, but you also need to make sure that you get to enjoy a comfortable and convenient flying experience.

Jet Airways is one of the most popular air carriers in India and is known to offer an excellent combination of competitive fares, world-class comfort, loyalty bonus, and Jet Airways customer care service that is known to be one of the best in the industry. If you are searching for the best air carrier, we have got five reasons that suggest Jet Airways can be the best option.

  1. Best Fare Promise

While there is no shortage of air carriers or online travel portals claim to offer cheapest deals on flight tickets, it is Jet Airways that promises the best fare. Moreover, if you can find flight tickets with the same itinerary that is cheaper than what Jet Airways is offering, the airline promises to return the fare difference. While ambitious claims are now very common in the Indian aviation industry, this is one carrier that is standing by its claim and also promising to deliver the best.

  1. Multiple Cabin Classes

To suit your travelling needs and budget, Jet Airways offers three different cabin classes in its flights. There is First Class, Premiere, and Economy to ensure that the passengers get to experience a great flying experience. While the onboard facilities considerably differ between these cabin classes, you are sure to enjoy the best of in-flight entertainment and dining experience in every class.

  1. Priority Advantage

A unique service offered by Jet Airways is the Priority Advantage. Available for all the domestic and many international flights, with this service you get to experience a host of benefits like priority check-in, luggage tagged for faster handling, and much more. While the service is complimentary for JetPrivilege members, economy class passengers too can experience its benefits by paying a small fee.

  1. Rewarding JetPrivilege Program

The JetPrivilege loyalty program from Jet Airways is very popular for its wide range of rewards and benefits. With as many as five different membership tiers- Blue, Blue Plus, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, you are sure to enjoy a rewarding flying experience with Jet Airways. Right from ticket bookings, flight reservations, baggage tagging, baggage allowance, priority boarding, to lounge access, there are just innumerable ways in which this loyalty program can benefit flyers.

  1. World-class Customer Support

No matter if you are a frequent flyer or someone who flies very rarely, it is very common to have queries with respect to your flight bookings. To offer enhanced convenience to the travellers, Jet Airways has multiple modes of communication through which the passengers can get in touch with the support department. Apart from this, the air carrier also offers a host of other services like checking Jet Airways flight status online, web check-in, mobile check-in, status notification, and much more.

These are five reasons that make Jet Airways one of the best air carriers in India and a perfect travelling companion for all of your domestic and international flights.