An Interior Designer With A Passion For Traveling!


When it comes to interior designing for your home or your office, it is important for you to bank on a trusted professional who will ensure you get the best for your needs. He or she will have an idea of your tastes and preferences before designing the home for you. In the USA, there are several interior designers however one individual stands out for his amazing skills and his eye for detail when it comes to decorating your home or office.

Meet an interior designer who cares about your home or office as much as you do

Scott Jay Abraham is an interior designer with a deep passion for his job. He says that when it comes to interior designing, he always ensures that he meets his clients to understand their needs and expectations. He says that he loves to travel and when he does he picks up the décor of the different places he visits. He says as an interior designer, he needs to be creative and original. Though he is exposed to many designs and things, he never imitates what he has seen and retained. When it comes to traveling and interior decorating, he likes to mix things up and match them with the interiors of the space he is entrusted to cover. He says that his profession is real fun and he enjoys every moment of it.

He says that when he is working on any interior designing project, he always talks to his clients and ascertains what they expect from him. He also asks them if they have any personal preferences and ensures they are implemented in the design. He says that he takes time to frame the whole project and seek the approval of the client before the work begins. In this manner, he is able to give his clients what they expect successfully.

Traveling to unknown destinations

Besides interior designing, he loves to tour places where people have never been. He says that this helps him to rejuvenate. He has a pet called Shadow who also travels with him. Shadow and he go on odd road trips often. They share unique experiences and share several memorable moments. He says that when he reaches those places where he has never visited before the experience is so unique, it is like watching his favorite NBA team – The Golden Warriors win matches against their rivals.

Scott Abraham says that his travels and his work keep him busy. His clients who have worked with him say he is a thorough professional and ensures that even small details are looked into meticulously. He has an eye for perfection and his ideas are unique and pleasing to the eye. He says that when it comes to interior designing of offices, he sees the product or service and decorates the space using the brand colors and themes. He finds his work challenging, interesting and exciting. He says that interior decoration is indeed a wonderful professional and he is really glad to be a part of it!