Popular Destinations in the United States that Rick Casper Prefers Visiting


There are quite a few places which indeed have an energy of its own. The moment you land there, you get to feel the vibe. However, some of them can impart the energy the moment you start thinking about those places. And when you are visiting one of the biggest countries in the world, the United States, you have in front of you a wide range of land and cityscapes to amaze you every single moment. Rick Casper, who has been traveling a lot for quite some time believes that visiting these notable destinations is essential to identify the true colors. Let’s take a note of all these reputed destinations which make the US a favorite place for the travelers.

The Grand Canyon

There’s not much top say about Grand Canyon because there’s a lot been said already. Having a history of more than five million years, and the Colorado River cutting its way from the prehistoric ages, this place has been a compulsory place to visit whenever the tourists visit the US. It’s truly grand, and the gorgeous nature cannot be ignored. The best part being, you can enjoy the beauty both from the top and bottom. Floating across the calm and serene river is a dream come true, and the grandeur cannot be missed under any circumstances.

The Blue Ridge Parkway

National Parks have always been favorite spots for the tourists, and while you are in the United States, the Blue Ridge Parkway is a natural beauty that you can never miss. Connecting the Shenandoah National Park with the Great Smokey Mountains National Park, the Blue Ridge Parkway is one of the ancient and most visited of all spots in the entire area. Even if hiking is not possible, just a drive on the highway will give you a wonderful view of the Appalachian mountain. Those who want to have a wonderful sight of nature must visit the place during the fall, and its no short of heaven.

The Chicago Skyline

Anyone who has visited the Chicago Skyline believes that there’s something special about it. Irrespective of the weather conditions, this has been a great treat to watch. Being one of the international tourist spots that are widely visited and viewed, this gives the feel of a quintessential American city, believes Rick Casper. Be it the neighborhood or the language that is being spoken here, the American feel is real in this place and just reach high to feel the life.

Apart from this, the United States gives a wide range of tourist destinations which draws thousands of visitors every single year. Be it the Acadia National Park, or the Grand Tetons National Park; it is indeed exciting to enjoy these places in the heart of the nation and spot the natural beauty all around. It might be reasonably great to see them all at once, but having a look at them might make your day complete.