Samantha Pouls – A Princess With Clear Goals Of Becoming A Movie Producer


Samantha Pouls might be a familiar name for those who have watched the show Teen Cribs at MTV channel. This teenager made a remarkable appearance in an episode of this show and introduced the world about her lavish home and lifestyle. In this episode Samantha told the world about her Princess Palace which is a huge beautiful mansion designed in a fairyland theme. She enjoys a lavish life but is down to earth and has some aims and goals in her life as common people.

When the show was made, Samantha Pouls was about 14 years. Thisjunior high school student has big plans regarding her future. She has a great interest in the film industry and entertainment and hence she aims at becoming a successful film producer in her life. He enjoys her techniques and thoughts for creating movies and has also written various articles on the same.

Samantha is a big fan of Christian Bale and enjoys the pop songs sung by Taylor Swift. Samantha is all set to achieve her goals and is really learning a lot by taking active participation in researching on several topics. She is a great fan of various large-scale film products which have a huge list of successful films listed under their name. She loves to watch Harry Potter series, the Twilight saga and The Hunger Games.

Pouls resides in her beautiful home in Gladwyne at Pennsylvania with her sister Amanda Pouls and mom Sheryl Pouls. Though Pouls has a passion towards film-making, her sister enjoys dancing and has also delivered various stage performances. His father is an entrepreneur while her mother remains at home and carries out her parenting responsibilities.

Samantha Pouls also remains active on Facebook and Twitter and keeps on updating her page from time to time. Sheis now 18 years of age and still resides in Pennsylvania with her family but not in the same lavish and huge mansion. Besides her passion and love for film-making, she also loves playing piano and enjoying creative writing. She also loves to swim, dance and go out with her friends and have lots of fun. She likes to collect clothes, shoes and handbags and is known to have a wide and unique collection.

Samantha is one of the most active individuals with clear cut aims and a lively behavior. She enjoys life like other teenagers with likes and love for music, films, film starts and much more.