A Sneak Peek Into The History Of The Milwaukee Bucks!


When it comes to the NBA, you will find that there are both young and old fans across the nation and the world. They never miss the chance or the opportunity to see their true heroes in action. These teams of the NBA have amazing facts and some interesting stories. This is why they are shared with everyone who loves and idolizes the game.

Sandy Petrocelli is an ardent fan of Wisconsin teams and he says that when he sees his favorite teams playing he really is proud. He says that each team has a wonderful history. Some of the NBA teams started off as expansion teams and later on went to make a name for themselves in the history of the NBA. One of his favorite teams is The Milwaukee Bucks and he says that he not only watches their matches but also has a keen interest in their history as well!

An Insight Into The History of The Milwaukee Bucks

The Milwaukee Bucks was founded in 1968 as an expansion team. It was during this period that the NBA gave a franchise to a group that was controlled by Marvin Fishman and Wesley Pavalon. The name of this Group was The Milwaukee Professional Sports and Services Inc. The Group conducted a fan contest so that the new team could get a name. There was a positive response to this contest where over 40,000 contestants participated. Robins – the state bird of Wisconsin received most votes however the judges of the contest decided to go with the second most voted choice- The Bucks. The Bucks is the official wild animal of Wisconsin. It is a white-tailed deer.  R.D Trebilcox was given a new car when he suggested as to why The Bucks was a good name as the bucks as were fast, good jumpers and spirited.

The growth of a leading team

The Milwaukee Bucks played their first NBA season game against The Chicago Bulls. The game was held in a Milwaukee Arena with approximately 8,467 fans present. Like all expansion teams, the first season of The Milwaukee Bucks was also a big struggle. The phase lasted from 1968 to 1969. They had to play six games to see their first win. They were able to beat The Detroit Pistons and could only win 26 games in the first year.

In the same year they received a flip coin again The Phoenix Suns to see who would get a chance in the upcoming draft. The choice went to Lew Alcindor who belonged to the UCLA. The Milwaukee Bucks won the coin flip however they had to struggle to secure him with The American Basketball Association.  The Milwaukee Bucks till date has won one league title,  two conference titles and 13 division titles. They are a well loved and popular team not only in the USA but across the world as well.

Sandy Petrocelli says that The Milwaukee Bucks is one of the finest NBA teams in the USA and the players there are iconic in every way. He loves cheering them in their matches and never loses the opportunity to keep track of the latest news and updates of his favorite teams!