The Only Man With A Huge Wave Of Success And Rewards


John Bohan is a renowned name in the field of internet technology and social media as he is the only person who took internet to sucha great level and introduced its importance in the advertising industry. He is the person who got huge rewards and success by introducing web as an ultimate tool for advertising and promotionin Europe and United States.The wave of revolution brought about by this entrepreneur has opened new gateways for the business organizations to promote their business and reach their target audience easily.

Mr. John is an entrepreneur who owns the company, Socialtyze. This company holds specialization in social and advertising solutions with its branches spread all over the United States.The business introduced by Bohan in 2007 has grown immensely in a few years. Today, the company provides marketing solutions to a plethora companies like Salvation Army and IHOP.The first clients of the company were well-known giants including Game Show Network, Fox Entertainment and Lionsgate. Now, the company has become the most advanced and well-equipped social analytics solutions under the guidance and direction of its founder.

Prior to the introduction of Socialtyze, Bohan also owned a company, L90 which had an overall value of more than half a billion dollars. After achieving this success, John moved on to explore more business opportunities which resulted in the launch of a consulting practice in the year 2002. This consulting practice worked for Apollo Interactive and monitored itsinteractive media design. He also holds the respect of introducing the i20Events, which created around 60 seminars on the future of marketing field.

John Bohan is also a risk-taker like other entrepreneurs and it is due to his risk taking attitude and his personal life that makes him what he is today. He enjoys skiing, road racing, playing tennis and hockey and several other games. Bohan graduated from the Middlebury College with a specialization in economics and started his career as an executive with the responsibility of selling TV advertisements. He worked in the companies like The Weather Channel after which he was recruited by the USA Network. He used his skills and knowledge to introduce his own companies and is implementing new surfing tactics and internet solutions to take his business to a whole new level. He himself is the advocate, advisor and executive of his ongoing businessess and takes active participation in social and media events. He is a role model for the individuals who wish to become successful entrepreneurs.